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Make Your Mark

I have been led by the Lord to raise a significant amount for the ministry Make your Mark! Never have I met missionaries who are so hands on and go to the streets where over 100,000 kids are homeless and 5.5 million orphans. These missionaries will not walk over a child, leave a child hungry, naked or turn their heads as if it is someone else’s problem. They do exactly opposite. They have given up everything to take this ministry from Charlotte, NC to Ethiopia. Mark 10:29 . Their Goal is to reunite street kids with their families, if this does not work foster care parents and last but least they are opening orphanages. They are loving on kids I would never be able to relate to. Kids that are being beaten by the local police to the point one of the kids had two broken knees. Kids whom are being raped at night by men, younger kids who are beaten for the little clothing or food they may have. They are infested with bugs high from sniffing glue to ease the pain. They have no hope what so ever.

Never have I known how money given to a ministry can make immediate differences! God says we will be judged on how we help them. Matthew 25:41-46.